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Convert to everything

Convert To Everything

Convert To Everything is the fastest, most practical unit converter you've ever seen.
This app removes the need of typing what unit you want to convert to. Instead, it converts to all available units!
This makes it easier, faster and more practical to use than any other! Get it on Google Play Store



Electrified is a A fun game you can play offline. The goal is to not get ELECTRIFIED!
The entirety of this game was made in under 12 hours as part of a challenge for a YouTube video!
Watch the video here

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Virtual dice roller

Virtual Dice Roller

Say goodbye to dice falling on the floor or underneath the couch!
This is a fun, minimal app, for the perfect board game experience.
It consists of six distinct dice complete with animations and sounds.
Virtual Dice Roller is the first Android app I ever made.

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Voice to text logo

Voice to Text Converter

A minimal, user friendly app that converts voice to text accurately using Google voice recognition.
It has a dark and light mode, and allows copying of text to clipboard.
This is somewhat of an "experimental" app.

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